Cheese. Beer. Cheese and Beer. But Not Cheesy Beer, Cuz That's Gross.

I had never heard of Chechil until just now, and I feel cheated. Apparently it's the most popular beer snack IN THE WORLD. I know, right? What do you mean it's not cheeseballs/pretzels/uncooked ramen out of the bag?! Chechil is a smoky, salty string cheese, that is already stringed, so to speak, and tied into a braid. Hilariously, it almost looks like uncooked ramen right out of the bag. Chechil USA wants to bring this cheese to my mouth, I mean the U.S., and soon to local bars.

  • For $25, you can try a pack of Chechil, and score a coaster and a sticker! Long live stickers!!
  • How can you eat cheese without beer? you may ask. Pledge $45 for 2 packs of Chechil cheese and a signature pint glass. Beer not included :-(
  • If you need MOAR CHEEZ, pledge $60 for 3 packs of cheese, the pint glass, coaster and the sticker. This one sounds like a winner.

A good number of my friends have taken up home brewing. Most grow their own hops. This is serious business, much unlike my kitchen's once-in-three-years trip to pickle town. The TapIt Cap keeps growlers fresh while making you feel like you're at a non-stop party in your living room. This Kickstarter seems pretty necessary if you're a home brewer or craft brew enthusiast, as growlers are notoriously awful for keeping beer fresh. The dudes at this Kickstarter prototyped the TapIt Cap, and since it's already funded, they have already started production.

  • Pre-order the TapIt Cap for a pledge of $45, spray beer directly into your mouth
  • A pledge of $105 will get you two TapIt Caps and a tshirt! Support your local breweries y'all!

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