Clarissa Has More 'Splainin To Do

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How this only garnered a mention in Jezebel's Dirt Bag, I'll never know. First off, OMG. Girl TAUGHT ME about earrings. Grape earrings. Alligator earrings. Giant plastic flower earrings. Clarissa was my original power clashing icon. But I'm a more than a little pissed that she will join the ranks of like, a million women who are writers in pop culture. She was a video game designer before I even knew what that was, and it would have been an awesome job for girls to read about. Fail.


Don't get me wrong. I'm going to read the shit out of it. Here's to hoping Ferguson had some role in the mortgage crisis. Always blame Ferguson.

'Clarissa' meets 'Girls'? 'Clarissa Explains it All' continues with 'Things I Can't Explain' (EW)

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