Endless Scrolling Back To My First Comment

I had never really paid too much attention to my profile on the old comment system, but since it's so easy, I went ahead and scrolled down to what I assume is my very first comment on Gawker. From Sept of 2007, I bring you, thoughts on Laguna Beach.

"My favorite Lo: In Laguna S. 1 during a benefit concert to raise awareness for voting, or some hippie shit blah blah blah (i don't mean that, i love you tre), everyone was pretending to care, except for Lo. Who, bless her sweet little heart, was only there for the sushi they had planned to eat afterwards. I have to believe she'll get her own show, she's golden!! 'I won't eat Pinkberry, but damnit, I will enjoy life.' Long Live Lo!!!"


Lo never did get her own show, and she did turn out to be kind of a raging bitch, but I do still adore her in those old LB eps.

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