Head On - Apply Directly to Forehead

Who cares if Winter Is Coming when summer is actually coming?? On my blerg, Roving Wagons, I recently posted a list of fabulous helmets to ensure that you will neither die nor suffer from helmet hair. However, there is one helmet that is just so beyond fabulous, it warrants it's own post. That would be whatever the FUCK this is.

Sent from the future, the Hovding is not even really a helmet. It's a freaking airbag for your head. Hovding detects abnormal movements in the event of an accident, sending signals to the gas inflator that is tucked neatly into the gorgeous collar. It is built to sustain multiple head injuries and comes with a real actual black box, which will probably do more good for bike safety than the entire NYPD. It comes in black and paisley, which are actually quite pretty.


They are a pretty penny at around $500, but as someone who literally cannot STAND helmets, I suppose that is a small price to pay for, you know, your life.

Complete Hovding Collar, Shell and Airbag - $512 US

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