Kickstart Sustainable, Mongolian Naadam Cashmere

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Really, let's call this NaaDAAAAMN, because I am FREAKING OUT. Ethical cashmere at wholesale prices? Is there anything better than that? NO THE ANSWER IS NO.

We start with the Mongolian Nomadic herders where we get our raw fibers, we then manufacturer our sweaters in Mongolia. From there the garments get sold to you! We take 10% of all our profits and invest in the World Banks livestock insurance program that protects those same nomadic herders we sourced our raw fibers from.


Ok, that is better than cashmere at wholesale prices.

  • $45 gets you cashmere socks, so your feet can feel all fancy next winter.
  • A $75 pledge will bring you a beautiful scarf that I want to wrap around my head completely while I waste my promising life watching Vanderpump Rules.
  • There are all kinds of sweaters and hoodies for pledges between $140-$226, but what I want to talk about is the $400 pledge for Cashmere Head-to-Toe, which includes socks, a scarf, a beanie AND a sweater. A great gift for Cashmere Superfan #1.
  • If you have $3,500 to pledge, you can design your own garment that will be named after you. If you need me, I'll be getting a second job. (You can also design your own garment for a pledge of $2100, but it won't carry your namesake. Plebeian)

Naadam Cashmere on Kickstarter, via Refinery29

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