One More Week to Fund Twin Citiez' Beez Kneez Dreamz

There's six days left for Twin Cities bee enthusiast collective, Beez Kneez, to fund their awesome Kickstarter. Part education program, part bicycle-driven honey delivery service, Beez Kneez attempts to aid honey bees in their battle against extinction in the Midwest. Not only will your donation greatly impact the future of crops in America, but the ladiez behind Beez Kneez have put together an amazing collection of pledge gifts, and I am quite jealous of those of you who can visit their Honey House.

  • For $20, you can score bee antennae for your bike helmet, which might actually make you WEAR your bike helmet. This will make your mother happy.
  • $25 will get you a poster with either of their logos, both designed by artist Elizabeth Olsen who is obviously incredibly difficult to Google.
  • Locals have a slew of rad options, from the $75 invite to their soft opening, to hands-on beekeeping classes for you and 2 friends for $250.
  • Rooftop beekeepers will definitely get down on this branded beebox for $250. I am terrified of bees, but find them majestic, so I will hang this on my wall as they suggest.

I love how creative organizations are getting with these gifts. It makes funding their projects really exciting. What are some of the best Kickstarter pledge gifts you've seen?

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